A bunch of kids in your neighborhood are looking for someone to organize, facilitate and assist English immersion workshops.


We have in mind 4 types of educators, do you see yourself in one of them?

1-You are a passionate teacher that would like to continue teaching to kids eager to learn

2-You are good with people and you are studying in fields such as social studies or education.

3-You are a natural entertainer for kids around you and they enjoy your company

4-You are very confident teenager and look for a good job that will value your leadership

What our workshops look like?

Built around either 1-hour after school activities or 2-hour blocks during weekend, our English immersion workshops is a must for kids of all ages.

Leaders de Demain is looking for insightful mentors who will be responsible to build activities for kids to learn English while playing games or songs, making crafts or experiments.

We are also looking for dynamic assists to accompany these mentors during workshops.

Finally, we are looking for agile leaders who will be able to build their own cursus and lead great workshops in pairs. As we value agility, as long as we can count on you for a straight of 10 weeks, we will take whatever availability that you for a one-hour after school that you can offer and find schools to host our workshops in the area that you want to work in.

What you need to succeed?

Proficiency in English



Motivating Leadership

What are Leaders de Demain’s core values?

Leaders de Demain’s mission is to snowball the learner’s leadership skills through second language immersion. At Leaders de Demain, we believe that our staff is the heart of the experience. We offer competitive salary based on experience with bonus based on performance and assiduity. Also, we wish to invest in our staff, so we are currently working to develop recurrent paid training. Our core values are agility, insight, wisdom, empowerment and benevolence.